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Texaco Fire Chief Helmet

Texaco Fire Chief Helmet

Texaco Fire Chief Helmet

In 1964, the Texaco Gasoline Company marketed the Texaco Fire Chief Helmet, which became a lasting symbol of a simpler time in American life. Forty one years later, the original molds were located, refurbished and producing helmets once again.

Every part of these helmets are manufactured/produced in the U.S.A.  

Product Features: -
14" length and 8" height
1 pound of molded plastic
Sizeable head suspension - fits heads of adults and kids
Steel "D" ring for hanging


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Company Patches - Scarborough Maine E4

The patches arrived today and they look awesome!! Thanks

Erin Sandler

GB Fan

I'm a huge Ghostbusters fan and have wanted this patch for my collection. I was very happy to find this website. Great price and super fast shipping. This is a high quality patch and I will be buying more.

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